THW (In pavement Runway Threshold Wing bar Light)

Compliance with Standards
SAC: GB/T 7256
ICAO: Annex 14, Volume I
IEC: TS 61827
FAA: AC 150/5345-46 NATO: STANAG 3316
Runwayt threshold wing-bar light

Specification Sheet  Certificate  Operation Manual  
  • Proprietary prism structural design and manufacturing process to ensure excellent optical performance.
  • Self-alignment optical component without need of recalibration when replacing bulb as well as optical components.
  • Filter with improved coating process, featuring good transmittance, high bonding and excellent thermo stability.
  • Upper cover with flat out-light surface to prevent from water buildup and ensure high luminous efficiency.
  • Upper cover with equal-strength design and forging craft, which has premium mechanical and barrier capacity, and shock resistance ability.
  • Smooth and sleek upper cover to prevent from damaging aircraft tires.
  • Lighting fixture made of highly conductive aluminum alloy, which ensures good heat dispersion.
  • Bulb Fixed mount suspension design to effectively prolong bulb’s lifetime.
  • Main structure made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy with special special anodic oxidation treatment, all fasteners are made of stainless steel, suitable for harsh environment application.
  • High-precision parts and components machining to ensure all dimensional quality and precision.
  • IP68-grade, that can withstand inner pressure of up to 138kpa or water pressure generated from aircrafts’ impact on the optical window.
  • Interchangeable, modular-designed components, applicable for all kinds of 12-inch inpavement lights (halogen type), which -effectively runs down the inventories.