Precision Approach Path Indicator PAPI-f300

  • Meet ICAO Annex 14 and FAA requirement on brightness and color coordinate; dual-lens
    structure to obtain a narrower and straight red to white transition region.
  • Intelligent electrical control system force PAPI system turn off automatically when the
    failures of FAA and ICAO happen, and turn on the control system alarm due to the CCR
    under voltage.
  • LED digital tube on each fixture, display the elevation angle in real-time, resolution of ±0.01°
    (0.6 cent), the range of angel reach over 9.99 of vertical.
  • One step operate unit control box and display usual information remind on the panel, simple
    operation and easy to understand.
  • Compatible of operation mode and fly correction mode are more convenience to use.
  • Self checking system ensures the reliable and safety of system.
  • 3*105W reflective lamps reach the half energy saving than traditional PAPI.
  • Set with communication module (purchase separately), easy to upload system data to the
    control system through PAPI conversion plate, PAPI gateway and CAN.
  • Triple leg vertical adjustment reaches both rough and meticulous adjustments of height,
    convenience and accurate install and adjust in real-time.
  • Unique system design of dual-lens structure and three individual light ways, accurately lamps
    and filters positioning device (optical and mechanical), no need to correct position again
    when change the lamps and filters.
  • Aluminum alloy material for light body, special processing on surface, all fasteners use high
    quality stainless steel material; make fixture ethereal, strong and good anticorrosion property.
  • Smaller volume for the light body, smaller wind-facing areaand wind load reach 161km/h.
  • Frangible coupling pass the precision machining and FAA standard, stable and reliable.