EUL-AP (Elevated Approach Centreline Light)

EUL-AP Elevated Approach Centerline Light Specification  Specification Sheet  Certificate  Operation Manual  
  • Proprietary optical design to ensure full lighting spot when
    the glass is partially obscured.
  • International standard PK30D prefocus bulb with accurate positioning and premium light distribution precision.
  • Self-alignment optical component without need of recalibration when replacing bulb as well as optical components.
  • Proprietary reflector design, cold light cup processing, temperature variations will not cause any cracks in the glass and filter.
  • Compact structure and attractive appearance, with small windward area and strong ability against the gales
  • The main body is made of aluminum alloy with anti-corrosion surface, all fasteners are made of stainless steel, suitable for harsh environment application.
  • High-precision parts machining to ensure all dimensional quality and precision
  • Forged frangible device with precise machining, complying with FAA standards, ensuring good stability and reliability
  • IP65-grade ingress protection of the fixture, keep interior from dust
  • The fixture can be connected to both one or two-inch extension pole, which ensures convenient and secure installation.
  • The calibrator can be installed directly on the body with high precision
  • Tool free maintenance, easier to disassemble, and to replace the bulb
  • Interchangeable, modular-designed components, applicable for all kinds of elevated unidirectional lights(halogen type), which effectively cuts down the inventories.