EOL-OB-LED (LED Elevated Obstruction Light)

EOL-OB-LED (ETEL) Elevated Obstacle Light  Specification Sheet  Certificate  Operation Manual  


  • The LED light is featured by long working life, energy conversation,
    maintenance-free, which brings enormous economic benefits
    to customers
  • Patent inverted-cone prism with high light availability ratio
  • Precise beam angle range of zero to six degrees, which won’t dazzle
    the pilots at close range
  • Light distribution consistent with that of halogen lights, complying
    with FAA standards
  •  Strict LED color management to ensure premium color consistency
  • Prism made of glass material, of which the surface is resistant to the
    sand erosion
  • Distinctive inverted-cone edge of prism, which effectively prevent
    accumulation of rain and snow, wind and sand
  • Proprietary driver circuit and thermal management solution, which
    greatly improves the reliability and service life of light fixture
  • Tool free maintenance, easier to disassemble, and to replace the bulb
  • The main body is made of aluminum alloy with anti-corrosion surface,
    all fasteners are made of stainless steel, suitable for harsh environment
  • High-precision parts and components machining to ensure all dimensional
    quality and precision
  • Forged frangible pole with precise machining, complying with FAA
    standards, ensuring good stability and reliability
  • iP66-grade protected from total dust ingress
  • Level gauge can be placed directly on the top of prim to adjust the level
    angle of lighting fixture