EOL-IA-LED (Solar Power LED Unserviceable Area Light)

EOL-IA-LED V1.3 specifications  Specification Sheet  Certificate  Operation Manual  
  • Long life, energy saving, maintenance free and other characteristics of
    LED will bring huge economic benefits to customers
  • Using inverted cone structure prism, high light utilization rate
  • Strict LED color management ensures the consistency of light color
  • The prism is made of glass, and the surface is resistant to erosion by wind and sand
  • The edge of the prism adopts a unique taper design, which effectively
  • prevents the accumulation of rain, snow, wind and sand
  • Using international top brand LED, patented drive circuit, greatly improving the reliability and life of the lighting fixtures
  • Choose advanced solar power panels, with high energy efficiency conversion and long life
  • The power management software of the lighting fixtures can effectively play the efficiency of the solar panel
  • Using industrial-grade batteries, with low self-discharge and low
    current charging performance
  • Reserved waterproof aviation socket, convenient for external charger
  • The overall structure of the lamp is compact and beautiful in appearance
  • The main body of the lamp is made of aluminum alloy and the surface is treated with anti-corrosion. All fasteners are made of stainless steel, suitable for various harsh environments
  • High-precision parts processing ensures the all-round quality and precision of the lighting fixture
  • The overall protection level of the lamp reaches [P67