TS-AIRSAFE is the Asia Pacific Headquarter (Subsidiary) for Airsafe Airport Equipment Co., Ltd. to provide sales and service support of their products in Asia Pacific Region.

About Us


We believe in delivering only value for money products and services to each and every one of our customers, and that it is our responsibility to maintain the highest Quality Safety and Environmental standards.


Based in Singapore, TS-AIRSAFE PTE LTD was set up to bring AIRSAFE products, services and support closer to Singapore’s Airfield Ground Lighting network of client-friends (E.g: CAG, MINDEF, DSTA, Airport AGL Maintenance Team & Contractors). We are AIRSAFE’s direct representative Headquarter Office locally and in the Asia Pacific Region.

Our Plan

We provide sales and service support across different destinations world wide

TS-AIRSAFE PTE LTD was incorporated on 10th October 2017 in Singapore. Our company’s aim is to establish AIRSAFE Brand as the preferred Airfield Ground Lighting product in the Asia Pacific Region and beyond. We are the link between customers and AIRSAFE, and are committed to our goal of providing customers with prompt and effective responses to any queries about AIRSAFE products and services.

TS-AIRSAFE is the Asia Pacific Headquarter (Subsidiary) for AIRSAFE Airport Equipment Co, Ltdʼs to provide sales and service support of their products across countries in Asia Pacific Region.

How We Help

Airport Authorities

We specialise in airfield ground lightning product, taxiway guidance signs
and related accessories to ensure airport runway safety operations.